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What is Live Edge?: Live Edge furniture pieces are becoming immensely popular in today’s furniture trends of 2021. Essentially, the term “ Live Edge” refers to lumber that has been cut into slabs of the desired thickness, however instead of cutting away any “ flaws” such as knots in order to create a “ symmetrical” piece. The natural edges are left instead and the bark is removed. If you are an outdoorsy type of person, and you want your home to reflect this - look no further than at Live Edge pieces.

Facts: Normally when choosing a shape for furniture, those can pick between a variety of shapes for Desks, Shelves, Table Tops, and Live Edge is now one of those shapes. The Live Edge pieces are uniquely designed and give a modern but outdoorsy spunk to any room! At Simply Wood, our Live Edge furniture is hand crafted from everything to the staining, coating, and finishing. There are no changes made to the original look and texture of the Live Edge piece.

Why Live Edge?: The answer is because of its natural and unique quality. People are tired of everything looking the same, and they want to incorporate something unique and dynamic into their homes. With Live Edge pieces, they preserve the natural look of the wood. Contrary to popular belief, logs or wood slabs with Live Edges can be used to build furniture and to decorate your home.

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